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Mission's Ministry

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Local Church with Global Impact

Our church is deeply committed to supporting missionaries and actively encourages the training and sending out of additional missionaries. We believe that missions is an integral part of our calling as Christians to spread the message of God's love and salvation to all nations. To that end, we provide a strong framework of support and resources for missionaries, both within our congregation and beyond.

First and foremost, our church actively engages in prayer for missionaries. We believe in the power of prayer to uplift, sustain, and protect those who are on the frontlines of mission work. Regular prayer meetings, prayer chains, and individual prayer support are organized to intercede for the needs, safety, and effectiveness of our missionaries. Additionally, we keep open lines of communication with our missionaries, regularly connecting with them through letters, emails, video calls, and visits, providing them with the emotional and spiritual support they need while they serve in the field.

Supported Missionaries

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