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At PRBC, we encourage you to participate in an atmosphere of kindness and compassion. We welcome your joy, passion, hurts and needs. We want you to tangibly receive from God everything He wants for you, have an opportunity for you to minister to others, and have an outlet for you to exalt Jesus.

Our Values


Pursuing the presence of God in all that we do, together we value:


Kindness Culture: Acting humble and kind towards one another, as modeled by Jesus and revealed as the heart of God. Isaiah 66:2


Freedom Gospel: Offering the same gospel Jesus offered, not withholding from anyone. Luke 4:18-19


Redemption in & Through: Identifying our past victories to empower us to minister to others the same victory. 2 Corinthians 1:3-4

    Our Beliefs    

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Statement of Faith

For a copy of our FULL Statement of Faith, including Scripture references, please click on or touch the words Statement of Faith.


    Our Gatherings    

Ministry Time

We wrap up our service with extended worship, communion, giving, and an opportunity to receive prayer ministry for anything, including healing, freedom, and joy.

When do we meet?

Sunday Gatherings

Worship Service: 9:30 AM

Music Style

We have multiple leaders who incorporate guitars, keyboards, and drums to lead a blend of modern and traditional worship songs in an expressive atmosphere.

Pre-Service Prayer

Join us for 30 minutes of pre-service prayer at 8:50AM in the Library.

Preaching Style

We have multiple teachers who use the Bible as the source of teaching. We use both expository (verse-by verse) and topical preaching styles.

Nursery & Childcare

At PRBC, our nursery, kids, and youth staff are carefully screened, including a security background check, to ensure the safety of all children in our care.

How should I dress?

If you visit, feel free to dress casual - PRBC is an informal place. 

What to Expect

We will never call you out or embarrass you, but you will be given opportunity to participate by sharing a testimony, praying for someone, receiving communion, or receiving prayer, should you choose.


    Our Staff    


Mark & Stacie Wheeler

Contact: PRBCmark@gmail.com

Contact: PRBCstacie@gmail.com

Pastor for Spiritual Life

Dave & Donna Rusco

Contact: PRBCdave@gmail.com

Contact: PRBCdonna@gmail.com

Pastor for Students

Nick Potter

Contact: PRBCnick@gmail.com

Office Administrator

Grace VanPatten

Contact: PRBCgrace@gmail.com

Church Office: PRBCinformation@gmail.com

Elder Team

Mark Wheeler, Dave Rusco,

Bill VanPatten, Steve Adams,

Jon Scribner & Tim Whitacre

What is an Elder Team?


The primary responsibilites for PRBC elders are to tend to the spiritual needs of those who call PRBC home, hold the pastoral staff accountable in areas of character, integrity, and church responsibilities, and to maintain integrity for financial matters. All elders are appointed according to the character qualifications given 1 Timothy 3:1-7.